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Video Analytics

Alarm.com Video Analytics continuously scans a property and sends enhanced notifications with thumbnail images showing people, vehicles, and animals. Push notifications are the best way to receive alerts on activity at your home when the following occurs:

  • A vehicle pulls into the driveway or a person walks up the front steps
  • Anyone loiters in a specific zone of a property
  • A pet jumps up on the sofa or enters an off-limits flowerbed
  • A child leaves the yard or someone drives off at night

Video Analytics can spot what is important, even if there is a lot going on. You can easily set up recording rules for video analytics via the portal or mobile app. Follow the steps below in the Customer Portal or Customer App to get started.


  • Log into the Customer Website
  • Select Video
  • Select Recording Rules
  • Chose Add Rule
  • In the New Video Recording Rule window, select Video Analytics


  • Log into the Customer app
  • Select Video option
  • Select Settings icon
  • Chose Recording Rules
  • Select + Add New Rule
  • Select Video Analytics

Follow the portal or mobile app step by step instructions to select rule type, camera scene, how to configure ground zone and tripwire rules, and how to view uploaded video clips.

Updated on 06 Nov 2023