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Arming Modes and Options

Stay Mode

This mode is used when you will be in your home and you want your system armed even though other family members may arrive later. All sensors on windows and doors will trigger an alarm immediately if opened, unless a door has been designated as an Entry/Exit zone. Entry/Exit zones have a delay time to give you time to enter and disarm the system or exit the home without setting off the alarm. Motion detectors are DISABLED in Stay Mode.

Away Mode

This mode is used when you and your family will be out of the home. Motion detectors are ENABLED in Away Mode. Entry/Exit zones will allow you to exit the home during arming and enter upon return with a delay to allow you to disarm your system.

Other Arming Options

Select these options before choosing your arming type:

Bypass - Touch the circle next to a sensor to bypass it during the arming process.

Exit Sounds - The panel beeps as the timer counts down. Silence these beeps before you choose the arming type.

Entry Delay - The panel will give you time to disarm once a “delay door” has been opened.

Updated on 06 Nov 2023