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Motion Sensor

The wireless Pet-Immune Motion Sensor from Comporium is a smart dual-function indoor PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor that offers reliable motion detection and temperature monitoring performance.

With built in PowerG leading-edge wireless technology, the Comporium Motion Sensor delivers proven motion detection with superior immunity to false alarms.


  • Dimensions:  3.27"x2.4"x1.66"
  • Battery Life:  6-8 years
  • Battery Type:  One (1) 3V, CR-123A Lithium Battery
  • Weight:  3.17oz
  • Operating Temperature:  14°F to 122°F
  • Operating Environment:  Indoors
  • Pet Immune up to 85lbs

Installation Guide

  • Open the sensor by using the push tab on the bottom of the sensor and remove the battery pull tab from the sensor. 
  • From the Interactive Touchscreen, navigate to Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen. 
  • From Settings, navigate to Advanced Settings > Enter your Master Code
    • If you do not know your master code, from the Alarm.com mobile app, navigate to Users and choose the user labeled “Master”. 
    • Tap “Panels” to view the 4-digit master code. 
  • Tap Security Sensors
  • Tap Auto Learn Sensors
  • Activate your sensor by waving your hand in front of the device (motion sensors have a 3 min time out so be sure it detects no motion for at least 3 min between attempts). 
  • Once the sensor is recognized change the source type to Power G (if it is not automatically changed) and rename your sensor.
  • Choose the preferred chime by tapping “Add” on the touchscreen. 
  • Download the Physical Installation Guide

Deleting or Removing a Device

These steps work for the following devices:  Entry Sensors, Motion Sensors, Glassbreak Sensors, External Sirens, Outdoor Sirens, Keyfobs, Carbon Monoxide Sensors, Smoke Sensors, and Flood Sensors.

  • Swipe down on the touchscreen and choose Settings
  • Tap Advanced Settings
  • Enter Master Code (The primary code set up at installation.  This is most likely recorded in your Interactive Guide).
  • Tap Security Sensors
  • Tap Delete Sensor
  • Check the box next to the sensor you want to remove
  • Tap Delete

Refer to the Alarm.com Knowledge Base for more information.

Updated on 15 Nov 2023