Product Help - Touchless Video Doorbell

The Comporium Touchless Video Doorbell has an expansive 150° vertical Field of View (FOV), allowing you to monitor the entire doorway area. Two-Way Audio and full portrait viewing in the app make it easier than ever to see a speak with visitors. Plus, the Touchless Video Doorbell uses video analytics to minimize false-positive motion detection and to enable rapid detection of people, so you receive alerts even if visitors don't ring the bell.

  • Expansive FOV (150 deg V, 115 deg H)
  • Full HD (1440 x 1920) video resolution
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • IR Night Vision
  • Video Analytics
  • Live Video and Saved Clip Viewing
  • Two-Way Audio Through the Mobile App
  • Compatible with existing doorbell transformers (requires 16-30 VAC, 10VA)
  • Compatible with mechanical and digital chimes
  • Angled mounting brackets included
  • Minimum Bandwidth Requirements:  2 Mbps

Status LED Guide

LED Pattern



Power Is Off

Red | Solid

No Local or Internet Connection

Red | Blinking

Power On, Camera Booting

Green | Solid

Connected to

Green | Flashing

Local Network Connection

Blue | Double-Blinking

Unable to Ring Indoor Chime

Blue | Blinking

WPS Mode (press and hold for 30-45s)

White | Blinking

Wi-Fi Access Point Mode (press and hold for 45-60s)

Yellow | Blinking

Camera Power Cycle (press and hold for 60-75s)

Red/Green | Alternate Blinking

Camera Resetting to Factory Defaults (press and hold for > 75s)

Status LED Guide

  • From the Mobile App, tap the hamburger menu (3 stacked lines) in the upper left hand corner.
  • Choose "Add Devices"
  • Choose "Video Camera"
  • Choose "ADC-VDB770" and follow the prompts

Click Here to download the installation guide

Click Here to view compatible chimes

Refer to the Knowledge Base for more information.