Product Help - Garage Door Controller

The LiftMaster 888LM MyQ Control Panel lets you monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere…all from your smartphone, tablet or computer...when paired with the LiftMaster 828LM Internet Gateway and

  • MyQ Technology enables you to securely monitor and control your garage door opener
  • Alerts and notifications on your mobile device so that you always know the status of your garage door
  • Timer-to-Close feature allows the door to automatically close after a preprogrammed number of minutes.
  • Motion detector automatically turns on garage door opener lights when movement is sensed.


  • 4.75" L x 3" W x 0.5" H
  • Range: 130' (Line Of Sight)

Installation and Compatibility Guides

Click Here To Download the Installation Guide

Click Here to Download the Compatibility Guide

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