Product Help - Door Sensor (Legacy)

The Door/Window Sensor is an ultra compact encrypted sensor that securely connects to the Interactive Touchscreen. Easy to install on anything that opens or closes, the ReadyHome Door/Window Sensor can provide intelligent notifications like "door left open", can be custom named, and can even support Smart home rules like "when door opens, turn on light" or "when door left open adjust thermostat to save energy."

  • Encrypted S-Line Technology protects signals sent to the ReadyHome Touchscreen
  • Easily Mountable with Included adhesive
  • Works With Your ReadyHome System To Provide Notifications if Left Open
  • Can Be Used To Trigger Automation Rules
  • Built In Tamper Switch


  • Dimensions: 2.25"H x 1"W x .5"D
  • Range: 600ft(200M) Open Air
  • Requires two(2) 3V CR2032 Batteries

Installation Guide

  • Remove the battery pull tab from the device
  • From the Interactive Touchscreen, navigate to Settings by swiping down from the top of the the screen
  • From Settings, navigate to Advanced Settings and enter your Master Code
    • If you do not know your Master Code, from the mobile app, navigate to Users and choose the user labeled "Master". 
    • Tap "Panels" to view the 4 digit master code.
  • Tap Security Sensors
  • Tap Auto Learn Sensors
  • Activate your sensor by moving the magnet close to the sensor and then away from the sensor.  The Interactive Touchscreen will confirm once the device has been paired successfully.
  • Once the sensor is recognized, change the Source Type to "Power G" (if it is not automatically changed) and rename your sensor.
  • Choose the preferred chime type and sensory type by tapping "Add"
    • Entry/Exit Sensors will being a countdown when triggered while the system is armed.
    • Perimeter Sensors will sound the alarm immediately if the system is armed
  • Apply the provided adhesive tape and mount your sensor in the desired location.  Be sure to line up the arrows on the magnet and sensor.
  • Click Here To Download the Installation Guide

Refer to the Knowledge Base for more information.