Product Help - Carbon Monoxide Sensor

The wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector from Comporium provides early warning to protect people from the silent threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Leveraging innovative PowerG technology, and equipped with a sophisticated electrochemical sensor, this high-performing device activates visual and audio alarm indicators on the detector itself, before dangerous CO levels are reached.  It also initiates an alarm via your Comporium security system to warn end-users who may not be home.


  • Dimensions:  4.9"x1.8"
  • Battery Life:  Five (5) years
  • Battery Type:  One (1) CR123A Lithium Battery
  • Weight:  7oz
  • Operating Temperature:  40°F to 100°F
  • Operating Environment:  Indoors

Installation Guide

  • Remove the sensor from its base by twisting the detector counterclockwise and remove the battery pull tab from the sensor.
  • From the Interactive Touchscreen, navigate to Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen. 
  • From Settings, navigate to Advanced Settings > Enter your Master Code
    • If you do not know your master code, from the mobile app, navigate to Users and choose the user labeled “Master”. 
    • Tap “Panels” to view the 4-digit master code. 
  • Tap Security Sensors
  • Tap Auto Learn Sensors
  • Activate your sensor by pressing the Hush/Test button to create a tamper.
  • Once the sensor is recognized change the source type to Power G (if it is not automatically changed) and rename your sensor.
  • Click Here To Download the Physical Installation Guide

Refer to the Knowledge Base for more information.