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Remote access to your system

Access your system from anywhere with the Alarm.com mobile app or website.  View live video and control your smart home devices anytime, anywhere.

Web Portal

Access your smart home system online by visiting www.alarm.com.  You can manage your entire home from the web portal, including configure geo-fencing and setup new logins and users.

Mobile App

Receive PUSH notifications, emails and text messages with photos or video clips when events occur. Watch live video from whereever you are on a mobile device. And find out about events in your home as soon as they happen.

  • Download the Alarm.com app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Launch the application.
  • Enter your Username and Password and click Login.
  • Need help or support? Visit our Help Center.

Alarm.com App Store


Alarm.com Google Play

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Control from anywhere

Along with your phone, tablet, and computer, you can control and monitor your system using your Apple Watch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and Google Home

Get the notifications you want

Enable Push Notifications for the events that matter most.  Know when doors are locked/unlocked, a garage door was left open, or one of your devices is having a problem.
More (Hamburger Menu Icon > Notifications


Control access to your home by assigning permanent or temporary access to door locks.  Set dates and times that unique user codes are applicable all from the mobile app.
More (Hamburger Menu Icon) > Users


You have the ability to enhance your system easily within the mobile app. Select the Add Devices option from the mobile app menu.
Shop for additional devices HERE.


Enable automatic rules and alerts based on your phone’s location through Geo-Services. Be alerted if you’ve left home without locking your door, pause video recordings for privacy, and have your thermostat adjust when you’re approaching home.
You will have to configure online first in order to activate this feature.

Rules and Automations

Create rules based on schedules, geo-locations, or events from other devices to transform your home into a Smart Home.
More (Hamburger Menu Icon) > Rules

Smarter Video

Live and Saved Video


Video Monitoring, powered by Alarm.com, lets you see what’s going on at your property, even when you’re not there. Now you can get a video alert when someone comes through the front door or just check in to see how your favorite pet is doing.  

Use the mobile app to see and speak with family, visitors and pets at home,and hear them respond back through the camera or doorbell camera.

To View Live Video

  • Log into the Mobile App
  • Select Video from the bottom menu
  • Chose the camera you wish to view

Enter Full Screen Viewing


Manually Record a Video Clip


Disable Audio from Camera


Enable Audio from Camera


Two-Way Audio 


Enable Warning Sound


Disable Warning Sound

To View Saved Video

  • Log into the Customer App
  • Select Video
  • Select Saved at the top of the screen.  Any clips with a valid person, vehicle or animal classification appear here by default. To see clips only with a specific classification, or clips without a standard classification, change the selection in the Filters drop-down menu.
  • Tap Play

24/7 Recording


Capture 24/7 HD recording with secure video streaming accessible from anywhere. With a searchable library, you can go back and see exactly what occurred and when.

Create a Recording Rule

  • Log into the Mobile App
  • Select Video from the bottom menu
  • Select the Settings icon in the upper right
  • Chose Recording Rules
  • Select Cloud or Local
  • Select Add in the upper right

Edit a Recording Rule

  • Log into the Mobile App
  • Select Video from the bottom menu
  • Select the Settings icon in the upper right
  • Chose Recording Rules
  • Choose the recording rule to edit.
  • Adjust the recording rule as desired. Rule settings depend on which rule is being edited.
  • Choose Save Rule.

Video analytics


Alarm.com Video Analytics continuously scans a property and sends enhanced notifications with thumbnail images showing people, vehicles, and animals. Push notifications are the best way to receive alerts on activity at your home when the following occurs:

  • A vehicle pulls into the driveway or a person walks up the front steps
  • Anyone loiters in a specific zone of a property
  • A pet jumps up on the sofa or enters an off-limits flower bed
  • A child leaves the yard or someone drives off at night

Video Analytics can spot what is important, even if there is a lot going on. You can easily set up recording rules for video analytics via the portal or mobile app. Follow the steps below in the Customer Portal or Customer App to get started.

To Set Up a Video Analytics Rule

  • Log into the Mobile App
  • Select Video from the bottom menu
  • Select the Settings icon in the upper right
  • Chose Recording Rules
  • Chose Add in the upper right
  • In the New Video Recording Rule window, select Video Analytics

Configure a Ground Zone Rule

  • In the Rule Name field, enter a name for the recording rule.
  • Hold and drag the corners of the shape to cover only the ground where the target’s feet will be. To clear the current area of interest and restart, click Clear ground zone. Hold inside the shape to move it around without changing its shape.
  • Using the Duration Inside Area of Interest dropdown menu, select the desired time an object needs to stay inside the Ground Zone to trigger arecording.

Configure a Trip Wire Rule

  • In the Rule Name field, enter a name forthe recording rule
  • Click and drag the Tripwire to cover only the ground where the target’s feet cross. The arrow determines which directionthe object must be moving to trigger a recording. To clear the current Tripwire and restart, click Clear Tripwire.
  • Customize the direction of movement to be recorded:
    -In Direction, click Switch Directions to switch the direction of the movement to capture.
    -Tap and select Both Directions to record when an object crosses the Tripwire regardless of which direction it is moving.



Use Highlights to quickly get up to speed on what is happening at home while away through a visual summary of key events in a compelling story format with short video clips and animated icons of key events. Highlights make it easy to see when people leave the house in the morning, when the mail was delivered, and more. Highlights can be viewed from either the web or mobile app. Customers can also choose to download or share Highlights using the mobile app.

Note: Highlights are automatically updated with new events as the day goes on. The availability of each highlight depends onthe customer’s equipment.



Set up rules to automate your home and make life more convenient. 
*Thermostat rules must be created in the thermostat card of the web portal.

To Create A Rule

  • Log in to the Mobile App
  • Tap MORE in the bottom menu
  • Tap Rules
  • Tap + in the upper right


Schedules automate smart devices to do something at a certain time.  
*Schedules can ONLY be created in the web portal.

To Create A Schedule

  • Log in to the web portal
  • Click > on the card for the device type you want to schedule
  • Choose Schedules
  • Choose Add New Schedule
    *Locks cannot be set on a schedule


With Scenes you can trigger a series of actions with the touch of a button. Choose from default scenes like “Home”or “Away”, or create your own. Each Scene can control multiple components of the home, including lights, locks,and thermostats.

To Create Or Edit a Scene

  • Log in to the mobile app
  • Click > on the card for Scenes
  • Tap + to add a new scene or tap the desired scene you wish to edit


Notifications let you know when something has happened.  Create notifications to inform you of activity in your home.  

To Create Or Edit a Scene

  • Log in to the mobile app
  • Tap More
  • Tap Notifications.  You can enable/disable existing notifications from the screen also.
  • Tap the settings icon in the upper right
  • Tap + to add a new notification or tap any existing notification to edit it.
    *PUSH notifications are recommended as the primary notification method

Other Features


Lock Code Management

Create and manage personal entry codes for door locks.

  • Log in to the mobile app
  • Tap More
  • Tap Users
  • Tap + to add a new user or tap any existing user to edit it.
    *Assign schedules that codes will work after creating the user.


Geo-Services allow you to send commands based on your location.

  • Log in to the mobile app
  • Tap More
  • Tap Places
  • Tap + to add a new place or tap any existing place to edit it.


Assign multiple users to your system so you don't have to share a single login.

  • Log in to the web portal
  • Click Users
  • Click Manage Logins
  • Click Add A Login and choose the Permission level for the new login.
    *New logins cannot be created in the mobile app.