Home Security Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Comporium Security, partnered with, provides you with the most innovative security, video, and home automation platform. With the ability to customize your lifestyle with rules, notifications, and schedules all from the touch of a button, it makes your system super user friendly. Plus having one App that can control everything from arming your system to scheduling a thermostat to turning on your lights at sunset to live remote viewing on your cameras is powerful and YOU are in control!

Is Home Security Necessary?

2 our of every 3 homeowners worry about their home's security at least once a month.  That means you are not alone in wondering if you need a home security system.  Your home is important.  It's where your family gathers and memories are made.  Make sure your home is protected so that you can focus on the things that matter.

Comporium Security offers a wide range of products from security sensors and cameras to make sure that you can keep an eye on anything, from anywhere. With smart home devices, you can make sure that your doors are locked and the lights are set how you want them. With an intuitive app from you'll have complete control of your home's security, and your peace of mind, all in a single place.

Privacy and Safety Combined

One of the largest concerns for home owners when it comes to security cameras is whether or not their privacy will be invaded.  Comporium knows it's not enough to just offer you a way to protect your home, you need to be able to protect your home and feel comfortable while doing so.

Comporium powered by provides you with industry leading home security cameras with advanced encryption to make sure that your video remains your video.  We cannot view your video cameras or saved video without your express permission and we make sure that our security is robust and up to date to make sure that no one else can either.

How Does Comporium Security Work In My Home?

Comporium Security is an integrated ecosystem of different solutions to help make your life safer and easier.  We use dual path communication to communicate signals to our Central Monitoring Station and Data Centers over both WiFi and Cellular channels to make sure that we never miss a thing.

Our security devices communicate directly with the panel using PowerG technology to provide exceptional range, and our smart home devices use Z-Wave Plus, allowing you to create a mesh network within your home so that everything works seamlessly.  Our cameras use your WiFi network.  

Your entire system can be managed using the mobile app or Web Portal and you never have to worry about your safety if your internet is down.

More Value For Your Money

Home Security can be complicated.  Some companies give you hardware for free and charge you up to $100/month to use that hardware.  Comporium Security knows that value is just as important as quality, and that's why we offer both.  With low up front costs and monthly fees, we do our best to provide you with quality service for a fair price.

Comporium's Professional Monitoring options include 24/7 alarm monitoring and emergency service dispatch, cloud video storage for video devices, full remote control of your home security and smart home devices, and access to all of our devices for one low monthly price!

Pro Install vs DIY

Pro Install or DIY?  This is a question that every homeowner asks when they are shopping for security.  At Comporium, we don't believe that installation should be scary.  We make the process super simple so that you don't have to rearrange your schedule waiting for an appointment.

When you order a security system from Comporium, we pre-configure everything so that all you have to do is unbox it and install it.  With easy to follow installation guides, self-help articles and videos, and our dedicated customer service team, you'll be up and running in no time at all.

Starter Plus Kit

starting at $199

Start customizing your security system!

Start small and add only the additional security, video, and smart home devices that you want. Great for apartments and condos.

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